Stopping meat: Studies show what happens.

A plant-based diet may enhance sleep, heart health, and microbiota, but it may also make you less energetic and deficient in nutrients.

A balanced, vegetable-rich diet can boost energy by replacing processed animal items like bacon and pork specialties with whole foods like nuts and seeds.

 The National Library of Medicine in the US reports that animal-derived iron is more accessible than non-heme iron in spinach and soybeans.

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Red and processed meat may cause intestinal inflammation, which affects good microorganisms and causes constipation and bloating, according to scientists.

Plant-rich diets boost health. Isoflavones in a plant-rich diet, especially soybeans, may improve sleep.

The December 2015 Nutrition Journal reported that a diet high in isoflavones, plant components found in soybeans, enhanced sleep quality and decreased depressive symptoms.

In addition to soy, eating fruits and vegetables might boost your mood. Meat, chicken, and fish diets may be rich in arachidonic acid, an inflammatory omega-6 polyunsaturated fat, which may explain this link.

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