The 15 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Our first expensive cat breed is the Scottish Fold, whose dominant genetic mutation folds its ears forward.

The American Curl, whose ears curl back toward the skull, was born from a genetic abnormality in an ordinary cat litter.

Next on our list of most costly cat breeds is the British Shorthair. The British Blue has a short, thick coat in that particular tint.

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The Russian blue has the coolest solid-colored fur, with a dense, short coat in silver to slate grey and a normal blue-grey with silver-tipped guard hairs.

Maine Coons, which are twice as big as other domestic cats, are the largest. It is one of the oldest natural North American cats and native to Maine, although its origins and arrival are unknown.

The Siberian, second only to the Maine Coon in size, is one of the friendliest domestic cats to guests, children, and dogs. This centuries-old Russian breed was developed in the 1980s.

With such a wide price range, you may ask why the Ragdoll's pricing varies. It depends on whether you want a simple pet, a show-quality cat, or a breeding cat.

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