The 30 most frequent big dog breeds in America are shown.

In 17th-century Russia, Tolstoy and the Romanovs loved Borzois. The exquisite sighthound, bred for hunting and known for its long coat, can run 40 mph, which is impressive to watch.

Since 700 B.C., Neapolitan mastiffs guarded. Their large stature and wrinkled appearance make them menacing, but they're loyal to their families and owners.

Elegant and attractive, English setters have "belton," speckled coats in various colors. These hunting dogs are friendly, playful, and one of the best dog partners for all lifestyles.

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Leonbergers, bred as working dogs and friends, are lovely and friendly and get along with kids of all ages.

In Anatolia (Asia Minor), shepherd dogs were bred to guard cattle, making them territorial and protective.

The Bouvier des Flandres has worked on farms, in the Belgian army, in the European police, and as a seeing-eye dog.

Strength and tri-color coats distinguish Greater Swiss mountain dogs, another labor dog. These loyal pups appreciate family time and lots of activities.

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