5 reasons cats hate water and how to train them to like it

Everyone knows cats and water don't mix. Why domesticated cats loathe water is still a mystery to experts.

Your cat may drink from a dripping faucet all day but wouldn't get in a bath.

Domesticated house cats are descended from northern African and Middle Eastern wild cats.

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Your cat's sleek coat isn't water-proof, but animals meant for the water have slippery, water-resistant fur. Water soaks through cats' delicate hair to their skin.

A cat's usual temperature is 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and they adore being warm. Cats may loathe water because it lowers their core body temperature, which can be unpleasant or harmful.

Scent is how cats communicate. To mark items or colony members, they rub their scent glands on the base of their tail, cheeks, forehead, and paws. 

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