The Best Cat Breeds, in Our Humble Opinion

Ragdolls make wonderful lap kitties. They're nice, loving, and smart; Purina says you can teach them tricks and retrieve.

Siamese cats will chatter constantly if allowed, according to Purina. Smart and social, they like sitting with humans. The black tips on their ears, cheeks, paws, and tail make them gorgeous.

Although they resemble aliens, sphynx cats are popular cat breeds. They're lively, loving, and don't shed. Base Paws previously named them the most affectionate cat breed.

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Being closely related to Siamese, Balinese cats are talkative and love socializing. PetFinder says their sensitivity and intuition mean they'll always make you feel better after a terrible day.

Bengal cats are jungle cats in your home room. Not sold? Purina says you can leash them since they're so adventurous.

If you procrastinate, the "smushed face" Persian cat may be for you since you may glance at their judging face daily for incentive.

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