The finest low-calorie, high-protein weight loss meals

Weight loss involves consuming less calories than you burn daily. Even if it becomes more complicated, an energy or calorie deficit is usually the greatest place to start for most individuals.

Nutritionist Jenna Hope says eggs are a cornerstone of a high-protein diet since they include 6g of protein and minerals in 80–100 calories.

Salmon has 208 calories and 20g of protein per 100g, making Eggs Royale a brunch favorite for those counting calories.

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Edamame is one of the best dieting snacks, but you can add it to almost any meal: eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch, and noodles for supper.

"For individuals following a more plant heavy or vegan diet, scrambled tofu is an excellent high protein, lower energy breakfast," Hope. 

Choose one of the top protein powders to complement your diet and get additional protein. Not all protein powders have the same advantages.

Popular for a reason. Roberts says chicken delivers lean protein. "It's also not particularly high in calories, offering around 160 calories in a breast with 30g of protein," adds.

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