Best pet dog breeds are friendly.

Golden Retrievers are great family pets due of their gentleness and calmness. Since Golden Retrievers are among the nicest dog breeds, they made this list

Who can resist the Pomeranian's fluffy coat and impish smile? Luckily, these cute tiny canines appreciate attention for their unique look

Pomeranian dogs are interested and easy to pet. They are great family pets since they're energetic and love to make people laugh. 

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Despite their size, these dogs are gentle giants. Sweet, affectionate Great Danes love humans. 

Sweet and caring, Bichon Frises are great family dogs. Their cotton-like hair and caring nature make them great cuddlers.

This lovely tiny spaniel is one of the kindest pets. They obey their owner and enjoy every bit of life, greeting every person and dog in the park with love and cooperation.

Newfoundland dogs can weigh 100 to 150 pounds, so don't let this deter you.

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