The Microwave Trick for Softening Butter Without Melting

Imagine you're determined to prepare chocolate chip cookies. You carefully place each item on the countertop, but then you realize that the recipe requires room-temperature butter, but all you have is a solid block of refrigerated butter from the fridge. 

It turns out you can microwave cold butter to room temperature without turning it into liquid gold. Just defrost. As seen in a famous TikTok video, cut cold butter into teaspoons and place the pads on a microwave-safe surface.

The easy trick to room-temperature butter astounded users. One TikTok user said, "Tried [three] different tactics and this is the only one that worked." "I tried it and it worked flawlessly.

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Another TikTokker advised: "Some microwaves offer softening settings. Please spare others the [six] months I squandered not knowing that about my own.

The microwave butter defrosting method has solid roots. The Land O' Lakes website describes it as a quick-pinch way to soften butter to room temperature. 

Beat an unwrapped stick of butter between two wax papers with a rolling pin to get a uniform layer. Remove the wax paper on top and cut the butter needed for your recipe.

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