The Worst Heart Foods

Stay away from hot dogs, the quintessential backyard BBQ or ball game snack, if you worry about your heart. Hot dogs are unhealthy owing to their high fat content

Bacon is another heart-damaging meal. Bacon's saturated fat increases obesity, stroke, and cardiovascular disease risk. Instead, try turkey or leaner pig bacon.

Tasteful red meat is heavy in saturated fats and sometimes hormones and antibiotics used in animal farming. Red meat overconsumption increases heart disease and stroke risk.

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Sodas are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other harmful elements. High sugar intake increases obesity and heart disease risk. Over time, soda's phosphoric acid weakens bones and destroys teeth.

Rotisserie chicken is convenient but heavy in saturated fats and salt. The skin is harmful since it contains fat and preservatives to extend shelf life.

Butter is a dairy product high in saturated fats, and consuming too much increases cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association recommends saturated fat intake be less than 7 percent of your daily calories. 

White rice is a common staple yet is unhealthy and elevates blood sugar. Whole grains, which are healthier for the heart, offer more fiber and vitamins than refined grains like white rice.

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