The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The Scottish Fold is a lovely, fluffy, and cuddling cat breed that loves you. "Resembling an owl with its large eyes, rounded head and folded ears, this charming breed is intelligent, soft-spoken and easily adaptable to new situations

One look explains why these adorable and popular Brits made this list, but if you need to justify the expense, we'll help.

Huge and fluffy with piercing blue eyes, no surprise. Ragdolls are popular and expensive. But they're more than lovely faces.

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The most expensive cat breeds may test your value. The "they study every newcomer's intention from a safe distance," explains Dr. Cuevas. "They decide the relationship terms.

Gorgeous Persians, one of the oldest cat breeds from Persia (now Iran), are still as beloved as when they graced Queen Victoria's lap.

A Toronto-bred Sphynx looks like it belongs in an Egyptian tomb. Due to natural genetic mutation, a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten, creating this new breed.

Is one of the most expensive cat breeds masquerading as a baby leopard? It sure looks like it. Bengals are the only domestic cat breed that can have distinctive rosettes like the markings on leopards, jaguars and ocelots. 

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