The Most Resistant Dogs to Train

Irish setters are known for their grace, quickness, and red coats. These dogs enjoy company and get along with kids and other canines. They like lots of intense exercise. 

Afghan hounds are faithful and regal. Not all dog owners can handle this powerful athlete. The AKC says the Afghan hound's hunting instinct to chase at great speed cannot be trained away.

The AKC recognizes the wire, smooth, and toy fox setter fox terrier breeds. More difficult than the other two is training the wire fox terrier.

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Large sighthounds, Borzoi can weigh over 100 pounds and hunt on sight and speed. Borzoi, the Russian wolfhound, were quick and tough. Training them can be difficult due to their independence and stubbornness.

The basenji is one of the oldest dog breeds from Africa. Not only does it not bark, but also grooms itself like a cat. Although aloof, basenjis are nice with kids. 

Large working dog kuvasz was bred to defend animals in Hungary. Though slow-maturing, it's smart and determined. It resists strong or repetitive training.

Beagles, which live and work in groups, are social and enjoy being with people and other dogs. Scent dogs can get into danger, so please keep them on leashes unless in a secure environment. 

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