The top-rated chew toys for puppies of 

Any anything that a puppy can get its paws on will be chewed on by them. 

According to Dog Wizardy creator and experienced dog trainer Ivan Petersel, it's 

just a natural aspect of a puppy's growth. "However, chewing your furniture doesn't have to be part of the process, 

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according to him. Alternatively, you might provide them with top-notch puppy teething toys. 

We spoke with dog trainers and vets and tried a ton of toys for teething puppies before settling on a few favorites.  

For a long-lasting, reasonably priced chew toy, we recommend the Kong Puppy Teething Stick.  

We suggest the long-lasting Outward Hound Invincibles Minis Dog if your puppy is crazy with stuffed animals. 

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