The Top Subway Sandwiches, Ranging from Good to Amazing 

Who normally goes to McDonald's when they want something fast, easy, and healthier than a cheeseburger 

The answer is likely Subway if you're anything like the millions of Americans who eat there.  

Subs from this chain, whether they come on 6-inch or foot-long rolls, never fail to satisfy. However, not every one is ideal. 

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In September 2019, a limited-time offering of pit-smoked brisket was unveiled. And everyone was overjoyed.  

With any luck, it will be available again as a permanent dish at some point. 

With juicy, slow-cooked beef, gooey cheese, and a spicy sauce, Subway did its best to recreate this authentic barbecue favorite.  

Barbecue sauce, smoked cheddar cheese, distinctive Italian bread, and brisket that has been slow-smoked for thirteen hours or more are the ingredients. 

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