These 7 Unexpected Foods Have More Calcium Than Milk

Mozzarella cheese, with its creamy texture and mild flavor, is delicious and healthy. It is a calcium powerhouse, with 1.7 grams in a 245-milliliter cup, 130% of the DV .

Nutritionally packed firm tofu has several culinary and health benefits. Starting with calcium, it easily outperforms milk by containing nearly five times the mineral per cup, 130% of the DV (via USDA Food Data Central), making it a great source of this bone-healthy mineral.

Chia seeds, however small, are superfoods due to their nutrient-rich nature and culinary uses. They provide 1.5 grams of calcium every 245-milliliter cup, 119% of the DV (USDA Food Data Central), compared to milk's 24%. 

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Calcium-fortified orange juice ensures you get the calcium your body needs if you don't get it from other sources. 

Sardines in tin cans are convenient and healthy. These little fish can boost your calcium intake with 936 milligrams of calcium every 245-milliliter cup, 72% of the DV.

Canned salmon doubles milk's calcium content with 53% of the DV per cup . However, its benefits go beyond calcium because it's rich in selenium, phosphorus, and B vitamins.

Almonds are nutritious and versatile. Raw almonds contain 48% of the daily value of calcium, with 622 milligrams every 245-milliliter cup.

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