Foods to Avoid with Breast Cancer

Limit or omit the following foods if you are at high risk, have breast cancer, are undergoing treatment, or are a survivor.

Deli meat and sausage are ultra-processed ,Alcohol, Sugary drinks like soda, Candy, Baked foods.

Chips and other packaged snacks. Fried foods, Red beef fatty cuts, White bread comes from refined grains.

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. Three lifestyle changes reduce the risk of several cancers, including breast cancer:

Quit smoke: Many types of cancer are linked to smoking.

. Consume less booze. Sardesai advises against drinking or limiting consumption to three to four drinks per week.

. Regularly exercise. Gunnare advises staying active during and after cancer treatment to avoid weight gain. She suggests starting with three 20-minute walks and building up to five 30-minute cardio workouts every week. Choosing an activity you enjoy might also make exercise simpler.

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