Some Zodiac Signs Aren't Nice.

Astrology goes beyond horoscopes to help you understand yourself. The twelve zodiac signs help explain personality qualities.

Mars, the planet of war, rules Aries, the first sign. This fire sign is aggressive and assertive, often making rash decisions and prioritizing themselves.

 Aries' competitive temperament and tendency to put themselves first can make them suffer in cooperative environments, dpite their couragese and leadership.

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Scorpio, Pluto's water sign, is intense and secretive, making it misunderstood. Scorpios have strong emotions and live passionately.

They can be devoted friends and companions, but their dread of vulnerability makes them difficult to get along with.

Saturn rules Capricorn, an earth sign with realism, ambition, and discipline. These strengths might lead to rigidity and overemphasizing rules and tradition. 

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