The Worst to First Fast-Food French Fries 

I completely agree that fast food is bad for your health. 

The main meals are delicious, but the French fries are what really make a fast food joint good in our book.  

We graded popular fast food joints based on their fries, ordered from anything to perfection, maybe sparking a potato war amongst devotees of the deep fry. 

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Sonic is a decent burger eatery that distinguishes out due to the rollerblading waiters that are dressed in the style of the 1950s. 

Fries, which are as tasteless as they come, are unfortunately not included in the quality of the product.  

When you order a burger and a shake, you might as well get the fries as well. 

However, you should be prepared to chew them without paying attention to them and to forget about them as soon as they are gone. 

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