These 7 foods are healthier than you think

Cocoa content reduces sugar and increases polyphenol antioxidants that decrease blood pressure. Dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate has more sugar and fewer antioxidants than dark chocolate. The good news is that 50g milk chocolate offers as much bone-building calcium as a 175ml glass of milk and more fiber than a small apple.

Due to its lower calorie count, square milk chocolate is less likely to cause weight gain than dark chocolate. Hershey's Milk Chocolate has 275 calories per 50g, whereas Green & Black's 85% cocoa chocolate has 304.

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White bread provides 1g of fiber per slice, whereas a nutritious wholemeal loaf has 2.8g. Two slices of white provide 17% of the daily calcium requirement, much like two hearty tablespoons of Greek yogurt. By law, white flour must be enriched with vitamins and minerals.

White bread is known to rapidly raise blood sugar and insulin, raising Type 2 diabetes risk. Whole grain bread is claimed to lower blood sugar, although it's not obvious.

A 175ml glass of red wine, or 2 alcohol units, contains 1.6mg iron, little over 10% of the daily recommended consumption of this anemia-protective vitamin. Polyphenols in red wine promote a healthier, more diversified gut flora population.

Simple oven fries cooked with potatoes and sunflower oil are as processed as handmade roast potatoes or mash. A 150g baked serving provides 1.37mg of the 3-4mg vitamin E needed daily for immunological wellness. Like two pieces of wholemeal bread, this quantity has 5.3g fiber.

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