Benefits of Microwave-Steamed Broccoli

Since you know Olive Garden's broccoli seasoning secret, you may not be surprised that people have been wondering how much the popular restaurant business forces its chefs to use a microwave.

A meme on Reddit's "Olive Garden" thread reads, "A microwave is Olive Garden's head chef.

Reddit users posing as Olive Garden employees joked, "As a former employee, I can confirm this.

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An ex-GM said they only microwave broccoli and "sauce that isn't hot or used on a sauté dish. Other than that, they rarely use the microwave."

Broccoli isn't microwave-safe. Cooking broccoli in the microwave has many benefits.

Its beauty is a plus. Microwaved broccoli retains more color than traditional ways. The presentation is appealing. 

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