7 Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

The Keeshond is a precious breed that's underappreciated. These fluffy canines were intended to be friends and get along with cats and most people.

Not for nothing are Newfoundlands dubbed Gentle Giants. This calm breed gets along with cats despite their huge size difference. 

The Maltese is a good tiny cat-friendly dog. Maltese are clever, lively, and eager to please. Your cat will likely weigh more than your new dog as most top out at 7 pounds. 

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Golden retrievers, one of the nicest canine breeds, love cats. Goldens are popular therapy and service dogs because they're patient and sympathetic

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels adore cats and are quite laid-back. Their kind temperament allows them to love on everyone in the house, including cats, without herding or chasing them.

Just saying: the Papillon is the dog world's cat. This makes them ideal for cats. Papillons are smart, confident canines who prefer to cuddle in your lap or with a warm cat. 

You are confident that your purpose is right and that you are not trying to hurt anyone. Allow someone who can't keep up to move at their own pace. (Leo)

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