Popular dog breeds the average person should avoid

Their beauty makes you look like you stepped off a 'Game of Thrones' set. These enthusiastic huskies may scream nonstop without proper training, upsetting your neighbors.

This breed is like the canine world's Einstein, but with caffeine-fueled vigor. If given no tasks or space, children will discover creative methods to stay entertained.

Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ popularized this breed. Despite their lovely patches, these canines are energetic and need lots of exercise. 

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Beagles' wide brown eyes and floppy ears make them adorable. However, scent hounds were developed to hunt in packs and have a strong prey drive and need lots of exercise.

Due to their racing heritage, these sleek, fast canines are energetic and demand lots of exercise. They have a high prey drive and may not like cats or small animals.

Despite their fearsome reputation, these dogs are amiable and devoted. Without exercise and mental stimulation, they get bored.

You are confident that your purpose is right and that you are not trying to hurt anyone. Allow someone who can't keep up to move at their own pace. (Leo)

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