Things to Never Eat for Breakfast

Many morning cereals are vitamin- and fiber-rich. Most of these cereals have added sugars, which can cause a blood sugar surge and collapse, leaving you lethargic and hungry. 

Sausages, bacon, and deli meats may seem like a quick breakfast protein, but they include preservatives, salt, and bad fats. These processed meats can cause heart disease, diabetes, and cancer if consumed in excess. 

Despite its popularity as a morning food, not all yogurt is the same. Flavored yogurts sometimes have extra sugars and artificial flavors, negating their health advantages. Choose plain or Greek types and add fruit and honey for natural sweetness to reduce morning sugar.

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Traditional bagels may seem like a healthy breakfast, but most are produced with refined flour and no fiber, which can raise blood sugar and leave you hungry.

Fruit juice includes natural sugars from fruits but lacks fiber, which slows sugar absorption. Fruit juice is low in fiber, so drinking too much can quickly raise blood sugar and cause weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Granola bars are a popular morning alternative due to their handy packaging and "healthy snack" label. Store-bought granola bars often contain significant sugar and fat content, making them more like candy bars than healthful ones.

Though tempting, these breakfast staples are typically made with processed wheat, sugar, and harmful oils. These harmful additives might raise blood sugar and leave you tired after the first energy burst. Homemade whole-grain pancakes and waffles with almond flour and coconut oil are healthier.

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