Three-Step Low-Carb, High-Protein Lunches

Eat this colorful, substantial salad for lunch or dinner. In the same dish as the salad, the dressing is produced, so the greens absorb all the flavor.

Soy, five-spice powder, and ginger provide flavor without fat or calories to this Asian-inspired chicken soup.

This quick, healthful shrimp scampi-inspired supper has garlicky shrimp on buttery, cilantro-flecked spaghetti squash.

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To make creamy chicken salad healthier, we substituted half the mayonnaise with basil pesto. Serve over greens or in a sandwich for a nutritious meal.

This quick Cobb salad with shrimp instead of chicken is wonderful. It takes 20 minutes to cook this delicious salad, making it suitable for weeknight dinners but elegant enough for guests.

Recipe for healthy shrimp scampi. We added red peppers and asparagus without butter for a spring supper. Served with quinoa.

Served with crisp Persian cucumbers and celery, spicy baby arugula is refreshing. Italian Castelvetrano olives' mild, buttery flavor complements tuna.

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