Top 2023 Newsletter Recipes

At an Amish inn, we've had some hearty breakfast casseroles. When I asked for a recipe, one lady spontaneously listed the ingredients.

This classic three-layer magic cake just takes four ingredients. How to create it at home.

This dish came from my sister, but I made it family-friendly. That it's a healthy dinner in one dish is great. It was a nice method to sneak veggies into my boys' diets.

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My college roommate made this cheap baked tortilla casserole often. Easy to make, one dish goes a long way.

We tried this chili-like taco soup at a church meal. A comforting dish for a cold day. It's easy to make because it uses prepared seasonings and numerous cans of vegetables.

These 2-ingredient biscuits complement any meal. I never cooked biscuits before this recipe, but my hubby craves them now.

The flavor is like enchiladas, but the recipe doesn't involve rolling.

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