Top 7 Largest Weighty Domestic Cat Breeds

Ocicats are lively, playful pets who love time with their owners. Their intelligence and devotion make them social cats who adore people. They need a lot of attention and aren't independent like other cats.

A prominent hybrid breed in the US is Bengal cats. They are wild and adept at hunting and climbing trees, but they are also sweet and make great pets. They are smart and can play fetch and walk on a leash like their wild counterparts.

The Turkish Van is a huge, powerful cat with a short, velvety coat in many colors and patterns. The Turkish Van may have evolved from cats brought back from Turkey by sailors in the 16th century, according to historians.

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Ragamuffins are huge, non-matting long-haired cats. Ragamuffin cats are domestic cats specifically bred for looks. They get along with humans and animals, although not as much as Persians or Siamese.

It's no wonder the Siberian cat is popular. Intelligent, friendly, and lively, these cats are huge. Siberians may be independent learners yet loyal companions that adore spending time with their owners.

Ragdoll cats are peaceful and friendly, making them great companions for individuals who want more than a pet but less than a dog or cat that needs regular attention. 

Selkirk Rexes are strong and have large heads. It has a medium-to-long, silky, curly coat with consistent body, leg, and tail hair. Outgoing, playful, interested, sociable, and intellectual, they are. 

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