Top Longest-Lived Dog Breeds

Female maltese pups live a year longer than males and live up to 15 years. They have few major hereditary illnesses and are healthy.

Virginia-born Butch was the oldest Beagle. He survived to be 27 before dying in 2009. Average Beagle lifespan is 15 years.

Aussies are one of the larger dogs on the list and known for their intelligence, herding ability, and activity. They live 15 years on average.

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Chinese Lion Dogs, once valued Ming Dynasty companions, now live 15 years on average as household animals worldwide.

The oldest Lhasa apso died at 29 in 1939. Their suspiciousness of outsiders makes them effective indoor watchdogs. Average lifespan: 15 years

The average lifespan of these pups is 16 years, which could be attributed to their high energy levels 

Toy poodles are the smallest of the poodle family and have the longest lifespan - an average of 16 years. 

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