Keep your cat from straying tips

Naturally interested cats. They may explore further if left in your yard alone. Thank goodness there are methods to let your cat play outside without worrying about them being lost.

Cat-proof fencing: Declawing your cat isn't a humane way to prevent fence climbing. Coyote rollers or angled fence toppers help keep your cat in and other cats out.

Cats: "These are outdoor enclosures for cats, similar to a covered porch, that allow the cats to enjoy some outdoor time in a contained environment," he explains.

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Leash and harness: Alvey advises supervised outdoor cat harness and leash time. Starting with lots of tasty rewards for positive associations, progressively get them habituated to wearing it.

Enrichment: Lusvardi suggests making your yard so inviting your cat won't leave. "Add cat-safe plants for them to explore, grow some cat grass for them to nibble and make sure they have plenty of places to safely climb," adds.

"This won't be as effective as a catio or fencing, but it will decrease the need for them to explore elsewhere." Cat anxiety and sadness can be reduced with enrichment.

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