Popular foods that cause inflammation

Red meat, a mainstay in many cuisines, increases inflammation when eaten in high amounts. Some research imply that red meat includes inflammatory chemicals such AGEs, which can cause inflammation. 

Refined grain foods like white bread and cereals lose much of their fiber and minerals during processing. Lack of fiber can induce fast blood sugar increases and inflammation.

AGEs and other inflammatory chemicals can result from frying. Frequent fried food consumption, especially in toxic oils, can cause chronic inflammation, increasing the risk of several health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

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Soft drinks, fruit juices with added sugars, and other sweetened beverages can raise blood sugar and cause inflammation.

Sausage, bacon, and salami include preservatives and other inflammation-causing compounds in addition to saturated fat. Regular drinking can cause heart disease and cancer.

These are prevalent in processed foods and have a long shelf life. However, manufactured trans fats are among the most powerful dietary inflammatory agents. Ingredient listings show partly hydrogenated oils.

Moderate alcohol use may be healthy, but excessive drinking can cause organ damage and inflammation. Overconsumption disrupts intestinal microorganisms, causing inflammation.

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