US-illegal pets

 President Biden signed the Big Cat Public Safety Act into law last December, banning private ownership of lions and other big animals nationwide.

Primates can be pets depending on their species—monkeys or apes.

Small and cute, they belong outside. Alaska, New Hampshire, Alabama, and Wisconsin are among 26 states that ban squirrel pets.

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Raccoons are mischievous because of their unpredictable temperament and ability to breach into confined locations. They can become hostile and attack without notice even after spending a lot of time with humans.

We thought bacon was the best breakfast delight until we tried orange-glazed bacon with honey, orange juice, Dijon mustard, and ground ginger.

Skunks should be descended before being kept as pets to prevent them from spraying their odor about the house.

Ferrets are popular at pet stores, although they aren't always accepted as pets. However, California and Hawaii outlaw them. Hawaii, the only state without rabies, fears the spread of the disease.

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