Casseroles Nonna Loves

This recipe elevates a comfort food to new heights. Sausage, pizza sauce, and mozzarella personalize Italian meatloaf roll. 

I adore cooking but not gourmet food. I find it harder to cook simple, excellent meals like this meaty casserole with cupboard and refrigerator ingredients.

We adore giving this delectable chicken bruschetta to family and guests. It may become your favorite summer tomato and basil use.

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Every time I prepare this cheesy baked spaghetti, people ask for the recipe. It reinvents pasta and goes with every meal. Any leftovers freeze well for a fast dinner later in the week.

This casserole tastes like a complicated homemade dish. The recipe uses frozen ravioli and three other ingredients.

Since high school, I've made this lasagna dish, one of my faves. Its delicious pasta, meat sauce, cheese, and more cheese dish lives true to its name.

Tasteful tomatoes and Italian seasonings give this old-fashioned side a twist. Every time I serve it, people ask for the recipe.

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