Vintage Swinging '60s Recipes

Since the early 1800s, old-fashioneds have included whiskey, bitters, cherry juice, sugar, and water

I make this wonderful main dish when I know I'll be busy and have little time to cook.

These scrumptious tomato poppers can be made ahead of time, making them even better. I increase the recipe at parties since they disappear fast.

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My mother's friend gave me the Amish yum-yum salad recipe years ago

 For quick desserts, I always have the ingredients. Any gelatin flavor works, and I occasionally spoon it into parfait glasses instead of a bowl. Everyone likes it.

My French-based daughter gave me this simple recipe. I frequently cook this fondue for our family.

Elegant hors d'oeuvre is virtually effortless. Consider using fresh herbs and whole wheat phyllo.

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