Weeknight dinners in under an hour

We make stir fries like this chicken recipe on weeknights when we don't have the energy to cook or shop

Meat and potatoes are always a winner, but variety is key. This basic rendition of the powerful duo features crispy potatoes and juicy, grilled flank steak in a tangy, delicious garlic mustard butter sauce that will keep you guessing.

We eat egg roll bowls when we want crispy egg rolls yet require a full dinner. When you want the taste of a takeout snack but need a dinner, these unwrapped bowls are great.

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While the potatoes cook, the salmon rests in a simple marinade that serves as cooking fat. A wonderful, satisfying supper can be created every time in 45 minutes.

Adding white beans makes this heartier than your average chicken noodle soup, and the addition of green chiles, jalapeño, and sour cream add the perfect amount of heat and creaminess to switch up classic chili. Plus, everything comes together in less than an hour!

These beef and bean freezer burritos will make you want to tidy up the icebox, whether you're nostalgic or looking for quick meals.

Want homemade pizza without the fussy dough? Avoid it and get the nearest French loaf.

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