Italian Manicures Give Nails Length Without Acrylics

In a sea of countless nail art concepts, such as 3D design and hypnotic velvet finishes, the Italian manicure has been going viral due to its simplicity and ability to imitate long nails without press-on nails or acrylics.

Los Angeles-based nail artist Hang Nguyen suggests putting polish to the middle of your nail bed and leaving room on the sides and at the cuticle for an extended effect. 

The celebrity nail expert Sonya Meesh advises an Italian manicure with darker polish. The manicurist recommends it for shorter square nails.

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An Italian manicure is simple to do yourself. To lengthen your nails, Nguyen recommends pushing back your cuticles as far as possible.

 Avoid coloring your entire nail after applying your shade, she advises. Leave each side of the curved nail bed polish-free. After painting, wipe the nail sides with a little brush and nail polish remover.

“Just paint the middle of your nail and leave a tiny space between the two sides of the nail bed,” she says. This gives the impression of a longer, slimmer nail. Instead of DIYing, she recommends explaining the process to your nail artist.

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