Weight Loss Without Exercise: 7 Ways

This simple trick can boost digestion and decrease inflammation and bloating. Lemon tartness adds zing in the morning!

Healthy digestion and lasting satiety require fiber. Oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, lentils, and veggies should be your new staples!

Processed snacks include empty calories that hinder weight reduction. Fruits, nuts, and vegetable sticks are tasty and healthful, so stock up!

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Processing snacks include empty calories that impair weight loss. Stock up on healthy, flavorful fruits, nuts, and veggie sticks!

Hydration supports metabolism. It can also invigorate you throughout the day, helping you avoid temptations.

Though handy, takeout is typically high in calories that will help you lose weight. Instead of calling, create a nutritious, tasty dinner.

Vegetables include fiber and other nutrients that keep you satisfied without gaining weight. Fill up on greens at every meal for a nutritional boost!

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