5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone All Day

Every dog owner has to leave their pet alone for a few hours. Work, grocery shopping, and supper with friends may be required.

A safe location will reassure your pet while you're away. It might be a room or dog's crate. Due to confinement, separation-anxious dogs perform best in kennels.

Leave the TV or radio on to quiet your pet while you're away. Due of their gregarious nature, dogs may experience companionship from even a screen or speaker.

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If you leave your dog alone all day, make sure it has fresh water. Dehydration can cause several health issues fast. You may also buy a dog-specific water fountain to get your dog to drink more.

If you worry about your pet feeling lonely throughout the day, try dog walking, pet sitting, or doggie daycare. These activities will keep your dog busy and happy while you're away.

Certain dog breeds can remain home alone, while others cannot. Dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, and bichon frises have increased separation anxiety.

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