Add two teaspoons to boiling potatoes for optimum results.

It may appear easy to cook potatoes, but they absorb a lot of water and lose taste. Your kitchen likely has the remedy, a simple component that may make a big impact.

Our grandfather taught us this simple method that would be fantastic in your kitchen.

Two teaspoons of lemon juice in the saucepan will help your potatoes retain their taste and not break apart. It enhances flavor and provides structure. Lemon enhances potato taste and retains density.

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Bay leaves may enhance the flavor of your potato, along with lemon juice. The scent from two leaves enriches the experience immediately.

If cooking a dish under 2.2 pounds, keep it mild. A single bay leaf should do for such servings.

You may also use vinegar instead of lemon juice. In modest amounts, potatoes can taste crisper and richer.

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