Best Cat Weight Loss Exercises

Tunnels, boxes, ramps, and other safe obstacles can be used in a cat agility course inside. Use a favorite toy or reward to help your cat traverse the course over and beneath obstacles and challenges.

Some rewards should be placed high where they must jump and beneath furniture where they must stoop and reach. It will also stimulate your cat's sense of smell and hunting instincts.

How about making your bathtub a cat's playground? This practice includes placing a lightweight ball like a ping pong ball in a dry bathtub. The tub contains the ball, enabling it to bounce and roll while your cat paws and swats at it.

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Use feather wands or laser pointers to engage your cat in regular play. Move toys or lasers like prey animals.

Start carefully by introducing a harness inside to your cat. To prevent overwhelming them, gradually introduce the outdoors when they are comfortable in the harness. Start with quieter settings.

Cat shelves, climbing trees, and wall-mounted stairs give cats upward challenges. Cats adore heights and seeing from above, thus this vertical dimension promotes additional activity.

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