What to know before cat training

"Before training your cat, learn to read their body language to see when they are enjoying something and when they are not," Bell explains.

Though you shouldn't deprive your cat of food or change their feeding schedule, train them before their mealtime when they're hungry.

You may be excited, pet your cat, and offer the treat when they behave. When you postpone rewarding  your cat may not grasp what they did to deserve it.

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You may be excited, pet your cat, and reward good behavior. If you delay rewarding your cat, they may not understand their accomplishments.

DeVoss says an attractive food is important for cat training, along with a clicker. Try different treats until you find one that makes your cat purr, then use it for training.

For some time, your cool cat has trained you. They quietly meow to remind you to feed or sit on your laptop to attract your attention.

Learning to sit is easy for dogs, but can you teach a cat? Yes, and the same procedure works with cats and dogs. This command helps with grooming, vet visits, and politely waiting for meals.

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