Wonderful Layer Cake Recipes

I traveled 4-1/2 hours to a cake contest with my submission on my lap years ago. It paid off. One mouthful will show why this velvety beauty received first place for best chocolate cake recipe.

This tall cake looks nice with toasted coconut. The light texture and coconut-ginger taste make it a great finale to meals year-round.

Undoubtedly, this is my greatest cake. I share this rich mocha cake with everyone.

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Vanilla lovers will appreciate this layer cake with creamy buttercream. Pure vanilla extract tastes nicest.

Want something else than chocolate cake? From the cake to the handmade lemon curd and creamy icing, this exquisite lemon raspberry cake is full of citrus flavor. This Alaska State Fair blue ribbon winner is a winner with me.

This recipe lives true to its name. Three layers of pecan-dotted cake are topped with homemade frosting.

I adore baking and my family loves banana pudding. I invented this banana pudding cake recipe while brainstorming in the kitchen. My loved ones can't get enough! If time is short, use whipped topping instead of handmade sweetened whipped cream.

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