Manicurist Tips for Faster Nail Drying

The worst part of getting your nails done is waiting for nail paint to dry. Smudging newly painted nails when opening car doors, changing clothing, or simply breathing the wrong way has happened to everyone.

 Dark colors and thick-formula polishes dry slower than sheer polish. Glitters and sheer colors dry faster and are more tolerant of smudges.

Fast-drying nail paints contain chemicals that speed up drying. Solvents in these polishes evaporate faster, drying them in one to five minutes.

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Choi offers a JINsoon salon method for fast nail paint drying. A drier under the manicure table lets them apply one layer of lacquer and dry it while working on the other. This accelerates layer drying. 

Choi recommends using quick-dry topcoats like JINsoon Top Gloss ($18) or drops like OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops ($14) to speed up drying and give a protective seal. These compounds speed drying and give a glossy finish.

She recommends applying tiny coats of polish to avoid smearing and allow each layer to dry. Varying formula viscosity and polish pigmentation affect drying time.

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