worst aspects of cat ownership

worst about It's great that your cat got a mouse, but you don't need to see the prize. The same goes for birds, rats, shrews, and other prey.a cat

Vet bills may skyrocket for any cat, even a rescue. Accidents happen, and cats need vaccines, microchips, and worming medicines. Cat veterinary bills rise with age.

We're glad the cat has a place to do its business, but a litter box is an open, unflushed toilet that needs frequent cleaning to avoid smelling like a public restroom.

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Cats love to scratch furniture, whether it's a newly upholstered sofa or a freshly painted door frame. Boredom, stress alleviation, exercise, or territorial scent-marking are bad for clean homes.

Cats scratch instinctively to maintain their claws and mark territory because they have smell glands on their paws. However, when they sharpen their claws on humans—even their beloved owner—something is wrong.

Given that cats usually sleep all day, it's strange that they wake you up early. Since cats are crepuscular, they are most active at dawn and dusk.

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