Not-So-Healthy Foods

Some shop selections are better, but they may include sweets and chemicals that ruin your diet. You must DIY your granola if you want it to be anything other than sweet, gut-busting.

Despite its popularity as a healthy snack, not all yogurts are healthful. Generally, tastier food is less healthful. These with fruit on the bottom have more sugar than healthy since the fruit is immersed in its own sweet combination.

Despite their high protein content, most brands have a lot of sugar. These are good or harmful depending on the components.

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Almonds provide fiber, fatty acids, and around 600 calories per cup. Snacking on them throughout the day might rapidly exceed your calorie limit, so check your portion size.

Fruit juice is not fruit, just peanut butter is not peanuts. Except for brands that state fruit and fruit exclusively, you're undoubtedly eating a lot of processed sugar.

Buying low-fat foods has always sounded like a good idea, but check the labels. Low-fat foods have issues. Some add sugar or salt to improve flavor.

Many sugar-free goods use aspartame, neotame, or another non-sugar sweetener to maintain taste without carbs. Unlike natural sweeteners, chemical sweeteners can damage more than help.

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