Cut Banana Storage for Longevity and Taste

If bananas are experts, Slade Rushing is one. Former Brennan's executive chef and five-time James Beard Award finalist and culinary consultant. The 1951-founded New Orleans eatery serves 40,000 pounds of bananas Foster annually.

Number one banana storage rule? “Oxygen is the enemy,” Rushing explains. “Anytime you can prevent oxygen from touching the banana is good.” Fruit quickly browns when exposed to air.  

This can be solved in two simple methods. First, leave the skin on the chopped fruit as long as possible. Second, don't slice the banana until you're ready to eat.

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Rushing adds at private gatherings they cut bananas in half with the skin on and set the exposed section on the platter. The peel shields most of the half banana from oxygen, and laying it face down on the plate shields the exposed part. He advises peeling and using bananas when ready.

Additionally, reducing fruit cutting preserves freshness. "In general, slice bananas right before using them," Rushing advises. “They are fresher and best.”

The fridge is best for storing chopped, airtight bananas. The colder, drier conditions retain fruit longer than room temperature.

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